Convert your ACSL scripts to equivalent R code.

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    This service is offered as is. The developers offer no guarantee, nor accept liability of any kind.

    Use the generated code at your own risk. Before use, you should carefully check the logic and content of your converted scripts. Some conversions may require you to edit the code before it will execute successfully in R.

    This tool is in permanent alpha. It is unlikely ever to support the entire ACSL language. It will be upgraded on a case-by-case basis. Your code is not sent to our server — the conversion takes place in your browser. Caution: by selecting multiple scripts for conversion, multiple cores on your machine will be utilised (and potentially monopolised). Conversion of a large script may take several minutes. Correct functioning of this tool requires that your browser be the latest version. Microsoft Internet Explorer (any version) is not supported.

    To avoid disappointment (and being presented with errors) when using this tool, please review what is supported and what is NOT supported.